Thank you to Pastor Corderal Gilbert and Ms. Brittney Johnson for the invitation to present SFL Family Café Values and Get Rid of the Drama Workshops.  Talking about sexual health and healthy relationships in a church setting can be challenging and is a bold move for this progressive spirit filled church.  Reserved and guarded initially, participants as well as the Family Café staff introduced ourselves and the subject timidly.

The first activity of the Family Values Workshop “Expressions of Physical Intimacy” broke the ice.  Afterwards, we had an exciting and eye-opening experience that created an environment that allowed people to share and open up about their experiences and need for sexual health education in the church and home.

Members were left with tools needed to open discussion through Family Meetings about sexual limits for everyone within the home, acceptance of different thoughts from all family members and parental demonstration and modeling of vulnerability regarding poor sexual and personal relationship choice.

Participants were also encouraged to use the tools to help build and model stronger and healthier relationships skills in the home as well as in the church.