Success For Life


Success For Life Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

The goal of the Success For Life (SFL) Program is to reduce teen pregnancies among adolescent youth who are at greatest risks of STIs and most likely to bear children out of wedlock through and abstinence and positive youth development approach.

SFL Programs
  • Abstinence Education and Youth Development (AEYD) Program
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention (CANP) Program
  • Competitive Abstinence Education (CAE) Program
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program


Service Population
  • Andrew College
  • Calhoun County Middle & High Schools
  • Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (Atlanta, Augusta, Muscogee, and Sumter YDCs)
  • Pataula Charter Academy
  • Randolph County Middle & High Schools
  • Terrell County Middle & High Schools
  • Community & Faith-based Organizations


SFL Curricula
Draw the Line/Respect the Line (DTL/RTL)

Draw the Line/Respect the Line is a 3-year evidence-based curriculum that promotes abstinence by providing students in grades 6, 7 and 8 with the knowledge and skills to prevent HIV, other STD and pregnancy. Using an interactive approach, the program shows students how to set personal limits and meet challenges to those limits. Lessons also include the importance of respecting others’ personal limits


Love Notes

Love Notes is aimed at youth at risk of unplanned pregnancy, troubled relationships, or already parenting. It focuses on identifying life goals and making relationship and sexual choices that support these goals.


Making A Difference (MAD)

Making a Difference! An Evidence-Based, Abstinence Approach to Teen Pregnancy and HIV/STD Prevention, provides young adolescents with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and pregnancy by abstaining from sex. The program’s goal is to empower young adolescents to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of pregnancy, HIV and other STD infection. The curriculum emphasizes that young adolescents should postpone sexual activity and that practicing abstinence is the only way to eliminate the risk for pregnancy and STDs, including HIV.


Making Proud Choices (MPC)

Making Proud Choices! provides adolescents with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV and pregnancy by abstaining from sex or using condoms if they choose to have sex.


Promoting Health Among Teens, Abstinence Only! (PHAT-AO)

In the Promoting Health Among Teens! Abstinence Only, students learn about puberty, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), including HIV, and pregnancy prevention through a lively, interactive and student-centric curriculum that includes talking circles, brainstorming, role plays, DVDs, exercises and games that make learning enjoyable. The intervention focuses entirely on knowledge, attitudes and skills that encourage and assist young people in implementing abstinence in their relationships.


REAL Essentials formerly known as WAIT (Why Am I Tempted?)

REAL Essentials (Relationship Education And Leadership) is a curriculum that equips young people with skills for building healthy relationships. Topics include romantic attachment, choices, challenges, obstacles, and temptations. It is packed with fun, interactive, and age-appropriate activities that are intended to develop impulse control, self-regulation, relationship development, partner selection, and future family formation.